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This T-Shirt uses our Revive logo on a Heather Grey base. The fabric is soft and the cut forms to the body. We use high quality T-Shirts made by Next Level Apparel. 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester. Can be comfortably worn by both men and women.

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Save $5 when you order both a T-Shirt and Physical CD. We use high quality T-Shirts made by Next Level Apparel. 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester. The T-Shirt uses our Revive logo on a Heather Grey base. The fabric is soft and the cut forms to the body. Can be comfortably worn by both men and women.  The album contains beautiful artwork and features portraits of each band member in the center fold.

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Revive Album Physical CD

 The album contains beautiful artwork and features portraits of each band member in the center fold.

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Awaken Wells is made up of young adults from all different backgrounds of life. Those differences don’t separate them, but joins them together in the most beautiful way. Diversity is one of Awaken Wells’ calling cards. Their diverse paths translate to diverse music, which sings loudly of what the body of Christ is to stand for. All of their colors, stories, passions and histories can be heard through a unified sound of relentless pursuit.


Relationship over music. This is a mantra that is lived out within Awaken Wells. There would be no band if there were no family. They believe that a united front is the only way to spark revival in this nation and the world. While there are always divisive principalities rising up to separate the church, they are called to show what family really looks like. Their big sound and gang vocals display the heart of everything they stand for—family. Awaken Wells believes loving each other like family and putting each other first is the foundation of the Church.


Awaken Wells exists to act as a catalyst in shaking up the traditional “worship music” model. They believe that boxes were made to be blown up and their sound acts as the perfect bomb. They look to push the envelope musically and stir up waves that inspire listeners to live for something more than they ever thought possible. Their desire is that their God-breathed sound will move people into encounters with the Father that will change the course of history, playing in harmony with what God is doing in all the Earth.

Jose Rodriguez

is a musician from Columbia MD. Growing up in a Charismatic Catholic church, he developed an insatiable hunger for the spiritual side of faith while maintaining a deep reverence for the sacred. Jose began playing guitar at the age of 14. At the age of 18 he left the Catholic Church with his parents' blessing because of a desire he had for growth. He began attending Immanuel's Church in 2011, where he was introduced to Awaken Wells. They led worship at the youth group's Tuesday night gatherings, where the spirit of God would show up in incredible ways. From there he built friendships and relationships with the members of the band that would eventually lead to him joining Awaken Wells in 2014. Jose's dream is to help lead a creative renaissance in the Secular and Christian world. He believes that God is the most creative being in the universe and it's our honor and duty to explore the deep and vast creative realm He's supplied us with. Jose loves to wear dad hats, and sometimes his shorts are a little too short. Jose also works a lot.

Andrew Sheffield

is a very passionate drummer and never hides his emotions in worship. Andrew is the funniest guy you will ever meet, and has been known to break out in freestyle rap. He basically invented mumble rap, and to this day he is still waiting for his royalty payments. Andrew was born in Washington, DC but was raised all over the Maryland area. Andrew started playing drums with the youth band at Immanuel's church and has been with Awaken Wells from the beginning. He has been worshiping for over 10 years. His dream is to watch people get completely touched by God and find out that Jesus is the One that they have been looking for the whole time.

Cristian Peláez

is a dedicated musician, songwriter, and vocalist who finds joy and intimacy in worshipping God. Cristian was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD, and is Carolina Akins' brother. Both his parents are Cuban, and are classically trained musicians. Cristian picked up the electric guitar at 14 and according to Tj, was running pentatonic licks up and down the fretboard in two weeks. He has a God given talent for all things music and loves anything with an engine, especially Mustangs. He also looks like the batman riding his blacked out motorcycle. Cristian is a talented song writer and powerful vocalist. His lyrical style is often self reflective. His dream is to see the church move outside of its four walls and meet people where they are at. He is not afraid to play music in places where most Christians won't go.

Marcus Akins

is a singer, songwriter, worship leader and musician from Washington, D.C. He began playing the piano at age 5, and started leading worship at age 15. After years of failing to implement his piano skills, he picked it back up at age 17 when he began honing his songwriting skills as he grew more and more passionate about the things of God. Almost 10 years later, his relentless affection for God's presence permeates through every note, lyric and song. Marcus longs to create timeless music that will impact generations to trust God and love Him with worship.

Carolina Akins

is a passionate vocalist and songwriter. Born in Miami, Florida but raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Carolina grew up in a musical home where both of her parents were classically trained Cuban musicians. At the age of seven, she began playing the piano and singing at church events. By the age of 14, she became a bilingual vocalist singing in both Spanish and English. Carolina has been a lead singer, songwriter and  background vocalist in “Awaken Wells” since its inception in 2010. Her debut EP titled "Garden" was released on iTunes and through her website ( on May 26th, 2015. Her dream is to see people set free, healed, and transformed in the presence of God through worship.

Rebecca McGraw

is a vocalist, song writer and worship leader from Baltimore, Maryland. Rebecca started leading worship in a youth group band in 2005 at Immanuel's Church. She has been in worship ministry for over 10 years and a member of Awaken wells since its inception. Her dream is to travel and see people come to the Lord through music and believes it's a very powerful weapon. She longs to create songs that will call a generation back to the Lord. 

Kaylla Schubert

was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, Kaylla developed a strong passion for music at the age of 10 when she started to learn the guitar. By age 15, she dedicated her life to God and joined the high school youth band at Immanuel's Church (alongside Rebecca McGraw). There, she was able to discover her calling to be a worship leader and songwriter. Kaylla has a deep appreciation for movies, television, and pop culture, which makes her awesome at trivia games. Kaylla’s playful nature and zany sense of humor makes her friends laugh and is a joy to be around. Kaylla has been with Awaken Wells from the beginning and composed four songs on the freshman album, including the title track, 'Mesmerized'. Kaylla's dream is to write God inspired music that leads people to life changing encounters with the Father's unending love.

TJ Dant

is a bassist in Silver Spring, MD. TJ was born into a Missionary family, and has been in the church his whole life.  TJ has had a long relationship with Cristian and Carolina, and started playing music with them in high school. TJ is an entrepreneur and has a passion for business excellence. He is often behind the scenes helping Awaken Wells crunch the numbers and make smart business decisions. He has a degree in Economics and attended the University of Maryland, where he directed the school's recording studio. Oh ya, TJ also loves all things related to Recording and Sound Engineering. TJ is both artistic and scientific in the way he views the world. He loves to read, and has been known to go down some pretty crazy Wikipedia rabbit holes. If you talk with TJ, you will find that he knows a lot of information about random facts.